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MOH: Workshop on Information Security in Health Sector
12 December 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has organized a workshop entitled "Information Security in Health Sector" in Riyadh, with the participation of the National Cybersecurity Authority and more than 12 medical councils and cities and hospitals. The workshop comes after the Royal Decree approving the information security department in the vital facilities to be independent of information and communication technology department. 

According to MOH, the workshop seeks to boost protection of data sent via Internet against tampering, vandalism, alteration or any other internal and external threats. It underlined its keenness to enhance the concept of information security and to highlight the danger of non-compliance with its regulations, which may risk the vital facilities and the Kingdom in general, calling for the need to organize such workshops on a continuous basis to ensure implementation and commitment to the regulations of the cybersecurity by MOH's affiliates and counterparts.  

The workshop discussed a number of topics, most notably: the general concept of information security, cybersecurity main rules, methods and mechanism of communication between relevant bodies and presentation of ideas and inquiries. 

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