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Children Hospital-Arar and Turaif General Hospital Obtain CBAHI Accreditation
04 December 2018

According to Northern Borders Health Affairs, Maternity and Children Hospital-Arar and Turaif General Hospital have obtained the accreditation of the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI), after meeting the accreditation standards of quality and patient safety in primary health care. Such hosbitals are subject to strict standards, and then are listed among the accredited hospitals across the Kingdom. This accreditation comes as part of MOH’s efforts to invest all available capabilities at all its health facilities to improve their services​. It is noted that five hospitals across the region so far have obtained this accreditation.

It is worth mentioning that the Northern Borders Health Affairs features 12 specialized medical centers (a cardiac center, 5 diabetes centers, 3 kidney centers, and 3 dental centers), in addition to 11 hospitals with a 1,410-bed capacity, which are enhanced with a number of delicate medical specialties, such as: neurosurgery, heart surgery, bariatric surgery, endoscopy, oncology, and others. Also, the Affairs has 48 primary healthcare centers.

Last Update : 04 April 2019 10:05 AM
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