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Jazan Health Affairs: Over 39,000 Outpatients Served by Healthcare Centers in Central Sector Last Safar
04 December 2018

​According to Jazan Health Affairs General Directorate, over the past month of Safar, the healthcare centers in the central sector served 39,185 outpatients, including 23,911 at general medical clinics, 5,192 at chronic disease clinics, 1,225 at dental clinics, 528 at pregnancy care clinic, and 2,398 at well-baby clinic. Besides, these centers provided their supportive medical services to 5,931 outpatients, with 776 at gauze and injection clinics, 5,017 at laboratories, and 138 at radiology departments.

It is noteworthy that the central sector features 16 healthcare centers; three of which operate on an extended-shift system (with a 16-hour workday), while the remaining ones operate on a one-shift system (with an 8-hour workday).

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