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MOH: KSA among Leading Countries to Implement Strategy to End AIDS Epidemic
03 December 2018

​According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), 91% of AIDS patients have been treated, making the Kingdom one of the leading countries in the region to implement the "90-90-90: Strategy to End AIDS Epidemic" by 2030.

MOH pointed out that an important shift has been made in our communities to deal with this disease, especially in regard to implementation of campaigns and programs at all levels, incorporation of the different healthcare services into the agenda of the non-health sectors and provision of state-of-the-art therapeutical and diagnosis services in the Kingdom.  These services helped to identify the epidemiological situation and to predict the disease's future and path ; thus, developing the necessary programs to combat the disease in the context of MOH's vision and mission for achieving comprehensive health for all strata of society. As well, MOH pays great attention to combat the epidemics in general and AIDS in particular at the local and international levels.  

This came during a workshop organized by MOH's National AIDS Program today (Sunday) in parallel with the World AIDS Day. The workshop highlighted the importance of implementing the relevant policies to expand detection and provide early treatment with antiviral drugs in order to prevent infection and provide social, mental and medical care for all those infected with the virus in an integrated framework, while maintaining confidentiality of their information and dignity and working to enhance the health system efficiency to deal effectively with the epidemic and its causes in spite of the challenges and obstacles we are facing. It also underlined that all segments of society have to participate in accelerating the pace to facilitate implementation mechanism, paving the way for a promising future in combating the spread of HIV infection.  ​

It is noteworthy that the workshop attracted a number of specialists who had their presentations on treatment of AIDS cases, special AIDS cases, what affects AIDS treatment, as well as clinical cases for researching. 

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