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Makkah: Celiac Clinics Launched at King Abdulaziz Hospital
29 November 2018

According to Makkah Health Affairs, King Abdulaziz Hospital has launched the first of its kind specialized clinics dubbed: «Celiac Clinics» for adults at King Abdulaziz Hospital. The clinics feature an examination clinic, a doctor’s clinic for celiac, and a nutrition clinic for celiac. These clinics will examine patients with gluten sensitivity and provide them with nutrition tips.

The Affairs added that two celiac clinics (a doctor for celiac and a nutrition for celiac) for children will be launched at Maternity and Children Hospital-Makkah, Allah Willing. These clinics will be the reference specialized clinics in Makkah, to which patients will be referred from Makkah hospitals according to their age group, as well as providing them with nutritional gluten-free products. 

Last Update : 02 December 2018 11:45 AM
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