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MOH: King Fahad Hospital-Al-Baha Accredited as Bariatric Surgery Center
28 November 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has accredited King Fahad Hospital-Al-Baha as a bariatric surgery center (Group B) for three years, starting from November 2018. This center with a 14-bed capacity includes an isolation room, serving obese patients across the region and its neighboring areas. The center performed about 300 bariatric surgeries and over 15 intragastric balloon procedures. It has increased such surgeries and procedures to three days a week through the activation of Visiting Physicians Program, in terms of recently attracting a visiting bariatric surgery team, featuring consultants in gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeries. Also, the center features 22 health practitioners, including consultants, specialists, and nurses.

Last Update : 02 December 2018 03:59 PM
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