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Riyadh Health Affairs: 3,227 Beneficiaries of Home Medicine Program
25 November 2018

​According to Riyadh Health Affairs, during the last October, the Home Medicine Program served 3,227 patients in Riyadh. It added that 21 patients within the 14 years or less age group enrolled in the program and 1,277 patients within the 14 years or less than 65 years age group, and the number of patients of the 65 year and above age group amounted to 1,929 patients.

The Home Medicine Program includes dressing, tube feeding, monitoring sugar and blood pressure, urine tests and catheterization, mental and social support, following-up mental and social therapy, and providing health awareness services to patients and their families. The program focuses on a range of medical activities and services (therapeutic, preventive, rehabilitation, awareness and social), which are provided to certain categories of patients at their homes and among their families, in accordance with specific standards and work mechanism and through a qualified medical team. ​

It is worth mentioning that the home medicine departments and sections across the Kingdom provide healthcare to patients with the engagement of their families, and meet their needs, in terms of medication and devices, which positively reflects on patients' psychological, social and health conditions.



Last Update : 27 November 2018 03:19 PM
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