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Al-Jouf Health Affairs Organizes Awreness Activities and Events
22 November 2018

​​Marking various world health days, Al-Jouf region hospitals have organized 20 awareness exhibitions during this month, November. 

According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, a flu vaccination campaign was launched at public places and schools to urge community member to take the initiative and get influenza vaccine, and awareness exhibitions were organized on the International Day of Radiology to raise awareness about radiotherapy. Also, awreness exhibitions and various activities were organized on the Universal Children's Day targeting schools students and children, on the World Quality Day, antibiotics awreness campaign and blood donation campaigns. In addition, various exhibitions and activities were organized at the region's hospital and healthcare centers to raise awareness of the target audience on diabetes, and the importance of healthy food, avoiding overeating, physical exercise and dealing with the affected people. 

These steps come in line with MOH's objectives under the National Transformation Program 2020, as it works to promote the public health standard so that the Kingdom becomes among the top 20 most developed countries through reducing obesity rates, combating smoking, increasing disease early detection rate and controlling communicable diseases. Such goal is associated with the Life Quality Program 2020, which is one of the programs to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.


Last Update : 02 December 2018 03:50 PM
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