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Makkah Health Affairs Signs Community Partnership Agreement with Al-Majd Modern Medical Complex
13 November 2018

​Makkah Health Affairs has signed a community partnership agreement with Al-Majd Modern Medical Complex. By virtue of the agreement, the Ministry of Health (MOH) offers its patients and employees «optional» referral to Al-Majd Modern Medical Complex to provide them with an integrated and flexible treatment plan. This Agreement aims to reduce patient wait time and alleviate pressure on Makkah public hospitals: (Ajyad Hospital, King Abdulaziz Hospital, and Al-Noor Specialized Hospital). According to MOH, a maximum of 10 cases will be referred to each clinic daily (totalling 250 referrals to each clinic per month). These referrals will be to dental clinic, pediatric clinic, Ob-Gyn clinic, and internal medicine clinic, divided by three hospitals: Al-Noor hospital (100 cases), King Abdulaziz Hospital (100 cases) and Ajyad hospital (50 cases). Also, discounts are granted for MOH’s staff on general examination, home medical visits, radiology exams, laboratories, and emergency’s medication. 

Last Update : 18 November 2018 11:07 AM
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