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Saudi CDC Launches Antibiotic Awareness Campaign
12 November 2018

​​In parallel with the World Antibiotic Awareness Week, the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has launched an awareness campaign on antibiotics and its best usage methods, during the period from November 12th to 18th. The campaign included organizing events at a number of shopping malls across the Kingdom's regions. The campaign targeted all community members and included awareness messages that underlined the importance of using antibiotics only as prescribed by your doctor and for the duration specified by him/her, and not sharing them with others.

Also, the campaign focused on the importance of the optimum use of antibiotics in hospitals through field visits to hospitals to choose the proper antibiotic, dosage and duration depending on the patient's condition, with the aim of achieving a progress in the patient’s health condition and preventing the occurrence of antibiotic resistance. For more information about CDC and its awareness campaign, please visit the center's Twitter page​.

It is worth mentioning that CDC seeks to reduce communicable and non- communicable diseases and to monitor, follow-up and prevent their spread. It also seeks to promote health and conduct researches and studies in this field.

Last Update : 20 November 2018 11:06 AM
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