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Al-Bahah: 138 Patients Enrolled in Home Health Care Program in the 3rd Quarter 2018
01 November 2018

According to Al-Bahah Health Affairs, during the third quarter of 2018, 138 patients have been enrolled in Al-Bahah Home Health Care Program, which serve 1,285 patients throughout the region. Also 4,833 home medical visits were paid by 11 teams that feature 87 employees of Al-Bahah Health Affairs​.

Such services included follow up and therapy for chronic diseases, as well as providing palliative care for patients suffering from decubitus ulcer, in addition to other patients who can safely be provided with this medical service at their homes. More than 223 medical devices and 11 vehicles were used by the Program’s teams to serve all these patients. 

It is noteworthy that this service saved 13.88% of bed occupancy rates at the region’s hospitals during the same period. The home health care departments and  sections across the Kingdom provide healthcare to patients with the engagement of their families, and meet their needs, in terms of medications and devices, as per capabilities and systems, the matter which positively reflects on patients’ psychological, social, and health conditions. 

Last Update : 07 November 2018 02:51 PM
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