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 Al-Jouf: More than 15,000 Visitors to 35 Awareness Exhibitions
31 October 2018

According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, during the current month (October), 35 awareness exhibitions and events were organized by its different health sectors attracting 15,350 visitors. October main campaign was Breast Cancer Early Detection Campaign, and an exhibition was organized on the sidelines of Al Jouf Youth Forum at the Cultural Center. Other exhibitions were also held at Al-Jouf Plaza Mall, Al-Hassoun Centers, Girls College of Technology in Al Jouf, in addition to other awareness exhibitions and events held at a number of schools and hospitals. Besides, international days and weeks were launched at awareness exhibitions, such as the Breastfeeding Awareness Exhibition held at Sakaka domestic market, as well as other various exhibitions inside the sectors that focused on the importance of breastfeeding. Furthermore, an awareness exhibition of World Heart Day was organized at Al-Jouf Plaza Mall, where visitors were trained on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking treatment (Heimlich manoeuvre), and usage of Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Also, an exhibition on obesity control was organized, through which visitors were provided with necessary measurements, diet programs, and tips for balanced and healthy eating. 

Moreover, a number of health days were observed through exhibitions and lectures at schools and health sectors, including exhibitions on sterilization, food, sight, exploratory examination, tooth decay, and infection control. Such steps come in line with MOH's objectives in the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020. MOH seeks to improve the public health, by means of reducing obesity rates, controlling smoking, increasing rates of early screening for diseases, and eliminating infectious diseases; so that Saudi Arabic will become amongst the top 20 most developed countries. This objective is related to «Quality of Life» Program 2020, which is one of the programs to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.  ​

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