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Riyadh Health Affairs Implements 645 Awareness Events inside Mosques
30 October 2018

​Riyadh Health Affairs, during the second quarter of 2018, has implemented community empowerment projects with primary healthcare centers, including field awareness programs inside the public facilities and within the health centers' scope of work in different neighborhood of Riyadh, conducted free tests for diabetes, hypertension and obesity and referred detected cases to primary healthcare centers to receive necessary treatment and healthcare.  

According to the Affairs, 645 awareness events and medical examinations were organized inside mosques, early examinations conducted on 42,535 persons and 1,910 persons were referred to primary healthcare centers. It detected cases as follows: 1,727 obesity, 2,798 excess weight, 1,306 prehypertension, 1403 hypertension, 2,019 prediabetes and 1,850 diabetes.  

These steps come in line with MOH's objectives under the National Transformation Program 2020, as it works to promote the public health standard by means of implementing the healthcare model so that the Kingdom becomes among the top 20 most developed countries through reducing obesity rates, combating smoking, increasing disease early detection rate and controlling communicable diseases. Such goal is associated with the Life Quality Program 2020, which is one of the programs to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.​

Last Update : 13 November 2018 11:23 AM
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