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Over 800 Outpatients Served by Mobile Medical Clinics in Villages and Hamlets of Makkah
25 October 2018

​​According to Makkah Health Affairs, the Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC) continued its tours across villages and hamlets of Makkah; to provide preventive and therapeutic services to citizens and residents at their places of residence. The clinic served 550 outpatients at Al-Bayda and Difaq villages, 45 at Al-Sadr village, 150 at Al-Ghaziyat village, and 65 at Al-Muqaita‘ village in Shamiat Asfan.

“The medical convoy is a mobile vehicle enhanced with all necessary medical equipment and 5 mobile medical clinics enhanced with the most sophisticated medical equipment,” stated the Affairs. It added that these clinics feature one for patient’s initial examination by a general practitioner, a dental clinic, a laboratory (where all samples are taken and tested, then results are given in record time), a radiology department, and a pharmacy (where all required medication and seasonal flu vaccines are provided). 

It is worth mentioning that MMC features an integrated medical team, providing voluntary services to patients in villages and hamlets of Makkah.  Since its launch in Makkah, the medical convoy has visited 9 villages (Al-Bayda, Difaq, Al-Sadr affiliated to Ash-Sharae‘, Al-Ghaziyat affiliated to Al-Jmoum, Al-Muqaita‘ affiliated to Shamiat Asfan, Al-Ha’ir affiliated to Shamiat Asfan, Um Hashim affiliated to Huda Al-Sham, in addition to El-Ghawali and Fida affiliated to Asfan).

Last Update : 30 October 2018 02:23 PM
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