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New Cutting-Edge Fire Alarm System Installed at Prince Sultan Hospital-Urayarah
01 October 2018

​​​​A new cutting-edge fire alarm system has recently been installed at Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Hospital-Urayarah. The system meets the needs of the hospital and will - by Allah’s Leave - prevent and warn of any threats to it. This system features 231 smoke detectors, 6 heat detectors, and a combined smoke and heat detector, which have been distributed according to the safety and security standards adopted by the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition, 24 internal alarms and 7 external alarms have been installed, so that all beneficiaries and employees of the hospital can hear the alarm sound upon the detection of any danger signs. Besides, 29 glass breakers were installed in the locations of glass windows overlooking open spaces to ensure alternative ways for survival in case of fire – may Allah forbid.​

The alarm system includes two panels to control it in general, and to help identify the place of danger to facilitate access and treatment, as well. The hospital, also, has signs for all its exits and more than 45 fire extinguishers, which are distributed in different locations and their validity are periodically checked.

It is worth noting that Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Hospital-Urayarah is of great importance; as it is a peripheral hospital serving all road users in cold and emergency situations. During the past three years, its emergency department served more than 1,700 road traffic injuries.

Last Update : 07 October 2018 03:54 PM
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