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6,945 Patients Served by Al Amal Complex for Mental Health-Al Kharj in 1439H.
01 October 2018

Al Amal Complex for Mental Health-Al Kharj, over the past year (1439H.), served 6,945 patients at the departments of ambulance, emergency and outpatient clinics. The complex has, also, exerted many efforts to provide the best therapeutic and awareness services to patients, including 426 impatiens at the psychiatric and addiction departments, in addition to 324 psycho-social rehabilitation sessions.

The complex conducted 36 x-ray examinations, 8,022 laboratory tests, 314 medical reports, and 89 family consultations, in addition to 11,609 medical prescriptions dispensed by pharmacy. Besides, the complex served 10 home health care patients and 26 patients by medical and psychological committees. 

It is noteworthy that Al Amal Complex for Mental Health-Al Kharj (with a 200-bed capacity) provides outpatient care, day care, and home medical services. The complex provides 24/7 services through emergency department that accommodates 14 patients for day care, and a special unit for intensive medical interventions. The complex also features eight impatient units (with a 25-bed capacity per unit), a day care center for psychiatric patients and individuals in long-term recovery from substance abuse, as well as a unit dedicated for their accommodation in the beginning of their journey to get rid of substance abuse and unhealthy behaviors of addiction.

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