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Al-Amal Complex- Dammam: Waiting Time Reduced, Service Quality Improved
17 September 2018

Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health- Dammam, through implementation of MOH's Performance Program «Adaa’», has successfully reduced waiting time for patients, and introduced a mechanism to reduce the number of patients who failed to show up on time from 40% to 34% during the past three months, in addition to activating the role of patient's family in the treatment plan.

According to the Complex management, the program contributed to improving service quality at the emergency department, follow-up clinic and pharmacy, as well as activating triage mechanism at emergency, opening new clinics at addiction department and examining patients during the first day of hospitalization. In addition, the program contributed to reducing waiting time for laboratory results, following-up emergency patients electronically; thus, contributing to improving performance and service quality as witnessed by beneficiaries of the complex's services. 

Last Update : 18 September 2018 03:52 PM
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