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King Abdullah Medical Complex- Jeddah: Intensive Preparations for this Year's Hajj Season
09 August 2018

​King Abdullah Medical Complex has further intensified its preparations and efforts at all medical, technical, nursing and administrative departments, especially the emergency and disaster department for the Hajj season 1439H. The complex receives sick pilgrims in need of immediate medical intervention using the state-of-the-art devises and provides them with the highest quality health services equivalent to the best international centers. The complex features highly qualified medical and technical staff trained at the best internationally-recognized universities, colleges and medical institutes.  

The complex occupies a strategic location in Jeddah province, at the two holy mosques road and near Makkah Gate and King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) and its pilgrim terminal. The complex is part of the health system and joins force with other health sectors in the province to provide healthcare to pilgrims.

The complex has 36 beds including 6 beds for respiratory and isolation clinics 24/7, with sufficient numbers of physicians, technicians and nurses to ensure normal workflow and increase on-duty hours in preparation for any emergencies and for receiving cases from KAIA and other province's hospitals, particularly cardiac diseases and strokes. The complex features two specialized centers for cardiac diseases and neuroscience. Also, a simulation was conducted on dealing with disasters, multiple injuries and outbreak of infectious diseases serval times a year to ensure readiness of the medical teams. In addition, two mobile medical teams were prepared to support any external emergency event during Hajj season. 

The complex, since the influx of pilgrims to KAIA in Jeddah, received 15 pilgrims of different medical conditions referred by the airport's health control center at different times. Their cases ranged from normal to intensive care, 9 of them fully recovered and were discharged after reassuring their health conditions. Other cases are still receiving medical treatment under the supervision of specialized medical staff. 

Last Update : 13 August 2018 04:01 PM
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