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Al-Duweila' Inspects Health Facilities in Madinah
06 August 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has continued its efforts to confirm readiness of the health services provided for pilgrims and Umrah performers, as well as providing all human and medical requirements to help them perform their rituals with ease and comfort. 

This came during an inspection visit the Vice-Minister for Health Affairs Mr. Hamad Al-Duweila' paid last Saturday and Sunday to a number of MOH's projects in Madinah and health facilities serving this year's Hajj pilgrims.

At first, he inspected new Miqat hospital project in Madinah where he was briefed on the work progress at the hospital's facilities. Then, he visited the proposed site of the new Al-Ansar hospital in Madinah and Al-Ansar Hospital opposite to the Prophet's Mosque, where he reviewed the work progress at emergency, ICU and inpatient sections. Also, he visited a number of sick pilgrims praying for Allah to grant them speedy recovery and return them to their families safely after the end of the Hajj season. 

Then, he inspected the primary healthcare centers around the Prophet's Mosque including Al-Safia Center and Seasonal Al-Salam Center which has been launched recently. He was briefed on the health services provided to pilgrims and visitors of the Prophet's Mosque. 
On the next day, he visited the Health Affairs Headquarters and met with a number of officials. He also inspected the Command and Control Center's (CCC) main building and reviewed the work progress and the follow-up of emergency cases 24/7. Then, he met with the Affairs senior officials and listened to detailed explanation on the health projects and performance comparison during the previous years.  

At the end of his tour, Al-Duweila' inspected the Health Control Center at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah where he was briefed on the health services provided at the airport.

In the same vein, he sponsored the signing of a community partnership agreement with Sheikh Abdullah bin Turki Aldhyan Endowments to support the program of reducing waiting list for eye surgeries, which will significantly help in improving health services and achieving the Kingdom Vision 2030 in line with encouraging community partnerships. 

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