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18,982 Surgeries Performed by Riyadh Hospitals in First Quarter of this Year
03 August 2018

According to Riyadh Health Affairs, over the first quarter of this year, Riyadh hospitals performed 18,982 surgeries, with 5,781 one-day surgeries, 6,176,091 lab tests for Saudis, 506,831 lab tests for non-Saudis, 8,912 birth cases for Saudi ladies, 2,884 birth cases for non-Saudi ladies, 478,243 x-ray examinations for Saudis, and 58,435 x-ray examinations for non-Saudis. Also, the hospitals served 1,193,376 emergencies for Saudis, 95,605 emergencies for non-Saudis, 1,078,574 Saudi outpatients and 95,605 non-Saudi outpatients.

Last Update : 05 August 2018 09:55 AM
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