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MOH Launches VR to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Immunization
03 August 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has initially launched Virtual Reality (VR) to help children overcome fear of immunization and blood drawing, which is a painful and unpleasant experience for them and in most cases family help is needed to calm down your kid and get him through vaccination. The virtual reality experience will help relax and reassure the child while vaccination procedure is taking place without help from others. It is an experience that makes vaccination process part of his imagination.

At the beginning, MOH has visited healthcare centers, conducted studies on phobia cases in children and reviewed with pediatric psychiatrists the mental condition of children during vaccination, and therefore identified the appropriate age group and the extent of benefits.  

To make the most of it, MOH pointed out that its Innovation Center has launched the first phase of the experiment across the Kingdom starting with the model health centers in each region, to be followed by all primary health care centers. 

"The pilot project has been launched in nine regions (Riyadh, Jouf, Al-Qurayyat, Northern Borders, Al-Qassim, Hail, Taif, Hafr Al-Batin and Al-Qunfudah). The work is underway to officially launch the VR at the beginning of the upcoming school year, Allah willing", adds MOH.
It is noteworthy that MOH has published on its Twitter page a presentation video on using the VR during children vaccination, in an interesting and innovative style.

Last Update : 06 August 2018 11:34 AM
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