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 Sentencing Offenders against Health Practitioners
30 July 2018

​​​Courts of competent jurisdiction have sentenced a number of persons who have proven guilty of physical and verbal abuse against health practitioners at the Ministry of Health's (MOH) facilities in a number of the Kingdom's regions and provinces. The penalties included imprisonment for multiple periods and discretionary punishment (flogging) in front of the health facility where the abuse occurred, as well as fines. MOH, represented by the Legal Affairs General Department, has followed up the cases with the judicial authorities and finalized all formal procedures until the verdicts were issued. 


MOH has earlier confirmed its due interest in the safety of all health staff and professionals, and under no circumstances prejudice, verbal or physical abuse against any MOH's staff will be tolerated. 
It underlined that the right of all abused staff will be protected, indicating that the verbal and physical abuse against the health practitioners is a crime punished by law, with imprisonment up to 10 years and a fine up to one million riyals.

MOH indicated that it will spare no effort to protect its staff and will also take all the necessary legal measures to secure their rights and restitution of their status.

It called on all staff to immediately communicate with the competent authorities via the official channels in case of any verbal or physical abuse or via the (937) cervices center. 
It is noteworthy that the Health Minister stressed earlier that MOH will never waive public rights concerning any aggression against providers of humanitarian services to the community.

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