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MOH Releases General Guide for Health of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims
26 July 2018

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has released the «General Guide for Health of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims», featuring health tips before Hajj and Umrah, Hajj-related vaccinations, Hajj and Umrah precautions at border crossing points, health tips during Hajj and Umrah, special health tips for some patients, common diseases during Hajj and Umrah, women and children during Hajj and Umrah, in addition to post-Hajj disorders.

It is worth mentioning that MOH provides therapeutic and preventive services and health awareness to pilgrims since their arrival to the Kingdom until their departure to their homeland. MOH has prepared several health facilities in Makkah, Madinah, and the holy sites, including 25 hospitals with a 5,000 bed-capacity, 155 healthcare centers, in addition to 180 small and large ambulances. Furthermore, 25,000 health practitioners have been mandated and 12 health monitoring centers have been prepared at ports of entry.

MOH highlighted that these health facilities have been enhanced with specialized medical staff and cutting-edge and devices technologies, in addition to implementing specialized programs, such as cardiac catheterization, open-heart surgeries, gastrointestinal endoscopies and dialysis.

Moreover, MOH focuses on health education during Hajj and Umrah, to provide pilgrims with health concepts that will help them, Allah Willing, improve their prevention practices against diseases and epidemics, which may prevent them from completing their rituals, May Allah forbid.

Last Update : 31 July 2018 11:53 AM
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