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Oncology Clinics Inaugurated at King Salman Specialist Hospital-Hail
04 July 2018

According to Hail Health Affairs, oncology clinics (internal and surgical) have been inaugurated at King Salman Specialist Hospital as part of its specialized centers. The clinics feature two internal oncology clinics (with a consultant and a specialist) and two surgical oncology clinics (with a consultant and a specialist), receiving 12 cases daily. A medical team of physicians and technicians specialized in oncology will receive, serve, and follow up patients, as well as following up cases who are previously diagnosed.

The clinics will take biopsy and samples (especially for breast, lymphatic and thyroid gland diseases) and perform cancer screening (especially for breast and colon tumors), as well as periodic screening for females. The clinics are enhanced with a highly equipped laboratory and trained staff, in addition to a CT/MRI Scan Department.

The clinics’ medical staff features 8 doctors, including consultants and specialists of surgical and internal oncology. Besides, 13 nursing staff in the region have been directed to King Fahad Medical City for intensive training on oncology programs, Furthermore, inpatient wards (with a 50-bed capacity) have been equipped and allocated to surgical and internal oncology (adults and children). In the coming weeks, clinics will proceed to receive and provide medical services to referred cases.

Last Update : 05 July 2018 03:45 PM
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