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MOH: Efforts to Activates Nutrition Education Programs Continue
15 May 2018

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) continues its efforts to provide and implement nutrition and health education programs for individuals and community, which is considered the cornerstone of achieving the desired awareness for community and preventing diseases, as well as modifying wrong nutrition behaviors.

In this vein, MOH has organized the 2nd forum of nutrition education coordinators form health affairs directorates across the Kingdom. The forum aims at enhancing communication, exchanging expertise, supporting nutrition education and awareness programs, raising public health awareness level, enhancing the nutrition coordinators' role in combating diseases, establishing healthy eating habits and contributing to reducing the spread of chronic diseases. The forum has honored a number of regions and directorates for excellence in nutrition education in 1438H.

It is noteworthy that the work is underway to set up mobile nutrition clinic in Asir, which is the first well-equipped clinic to be established by MOH.   The clinic aims to deliver health, preventive and nutritional services to patients in remote and other areas as well as combating malnutrition and providing medical consultation concerning community nutrition and health status. Also, the clinic provides individuals with nutritional and educational advice in order to enhance public health among community members.

The vehicle features two nutritional clinics (for men and women) using cutting-edge technologies, as well as mobile screens to display awareness clips. The vehicle provides the required service with ease at all needed sites.

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