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Riyadh Health Affairs Protects Rights of Female Doctor Exposed to Verbal Abuse
17 December 2017
In line with MOH's directives to prosecute offenders against its staff, Riyadh Health Affairs has protected the rights of a female doctor exposed to verbal abuse while performing her noble humanitarian duty. Through its legal department, MOH has successfully obtained a verdict to inflect a discretionary punishment on the offender, in pursuit of justice, order and protection of its staff's rights.

According to Riyadh Affairs, an individual verbally abused a female doctor, whereupon she sought advice of the  Legal Affairs. Then, a complaint was filed to the court with jurisdiction. Hence, the Legal Affairs attended the court hearings, provided all legal support to the female doctor and claimed both MOH's and Public Rights; since the offender breached the hospital's rules and regulations as a public facility, and verbally abused a female doctor. After several hearings, the culprit was sentenced to a discretionary punishment.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed its due interest in the safety of all health staff and professionals. "Under no circumstances  prejudice, verbal or physical abuse against any MOH's staff will be tolerated. MOH will spare no effort to protect its staff. MOH will also take all the necessary legal measures to secure their rights and restitution of their status.", stated MOH while calling of all staff to immediately communicate with the competent authorities via the official channels in case of any verbal or physical abuse.

It is noted that the Health Minister stressed earlier that MOH will never waive public rights concerning any aggression against providers of humanitarian services to the community.


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