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Successful Medical Intervention Saves Child hit in a Run-Over Accident
14 December 2017
A team of surgeons at Hotat Sedair Hospital has successfully saved a 9-year-old child hit in a run-over accident, causing sever abdominal bleeding, liver damage, paleness and reduced vital signs. Immediately after the child was brought to the hospitals' emergency, doctors decided to have all needed tests and radiologies. Then, he was taken to the operating room for emergency laparotomy, which revealed sever abdominal bleeding (1.5ltr blood). Hence, the surgical team quickly removed the flowing blood to find the hemorrhage caused by rupture and complete liver damage, its being blown apart, as well as bleeding under the liver and one of the major arteries. By Allah's Grace, the team successfully stopped the bleeding by an abdominal pad under and around the liver. At the same time, the child had blood transfusion to compensate his lost blood due to the accident.

According to doctors, the damage of the child's liver is in (Class 4 or 5), with the potential of major arterial or venous injury. Requiring a sophisticated cardiovascular specialization, the case was speedily referred to a major hospital in Riyadh to save the child's live. Accordingly, he was taken to Imam Abdulrahman al-Faisal Hospital for further treatment. There, he had a liver graft surgery, followed by 10-days hospitalization. Thank Allah he ws discharged from the hospital in good health. Yesterday, he visited the hospital's outpatient clinics for further follow-up.


Last Update : 18 December 2017 01:04 PM
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