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Al-Baidaa- Makkah: 850 Beneficiaries of Volunteer Campaigns
14 December 2017
Makkah Health Affairs has concluded the activities of the 3-days (#my_volunteer_health) Campaign at Al-Baidaa village - West Makkah, on the International Volunteer Day celebrated on December 5th, 2017. The campaign engaged more than 250 health practitioners and 8 multi-disciplined mobile clinics to serve 5,000 poeple in the village.

According to Makkah Affairs, 850 cases were checked during this volunteer campaign, including 3 breast cancer cases, 2 elephantiasis and 60 dermal patients. Also, 77 cases were served by the ophthalmology clinic, while 63 by children, 60 by internal medicine, 33 by cardiac, 34 by pulmonary, 158 by family medicine, 62 by dental and 33 by diabetes clinics respectively. 

In the same vein, following an early population survey of the village's residents, the home healthcare team visited patients in their homes. The campaign also featured a 12-bed-capacity mobile hospital to save emergency cases requiring urgent surgical intervention, on high-ways and remote areas in dire need for healthcare. Also, the mobile hospital included 2 ICU bed, 4 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) chairs. This also facilitates carrying patients to hospitals after administering first aid. It is supervised by a professional medical team.



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