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Madinah: 22-Minute Surgery Ends 40-Years of Suffering for Lady in Her 60s
14 December 2017
A specialized medical team at Al-Mahd General Hospital- Madinah, has successfully ended the suffering of a lady in her 60s with remnants of a sewing needle lodged in her right forefinger for 40 years. She was brought to the emergency department feeling panic and with severe pains in her right palm. Immediately, she had due medical and radiological checkups. She was diagnosed with a 2mm-long metal body lodged in the upper part of her right forefinger. The team decided to extract the metal object in the one-day-surgery clinic, under local anesthesia. Thank Allah the 22-minute surgery was successful despite the fact that the patient is diabetic. Then, she was hospitalized at women surgery department till her condition stabilized.
It is noted that the first stage of the 60-bed hospital was inaugurated in 1405H., and in the second stage, in 1428H., it moved to a new facility. The hospital provides health services in the following specialties: pediatric, thoracic, surgery, internal medicine, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, laboratory and radiology, in addition to specialized centers for kidney and dentistry.

Last Update : 21 December 2017 11:06 AM
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