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Najran: Rare Surgery Saves a Youth's Finger from Amputation
13 December 2017
A team of plastic surgeons at King Khaled Hospital – Najran has successfully saved a youth's finger from amputation after a server left hand injury causing total damage of his finger's external tissues.

The patient was brought to the hospital. After due checkup, he was diagnosed with total damage of his left ring-finger's external tissues leaving bones and arteries exposed. To save his finger, the patient had an immediate delicate and rare 3-hour-plastic surgery; involving an abdominal flap. By Allah's Grace, the operation is successful; saving the patient's finger from amputation and dysfunction. Now, he is under a physical therapy program and follow-up for one month.

It is worth noting that the Burn Care Unit is enhanced with 8 beds, as well as all specialized appliances; making it the most advanced burn and plastic surgery unit across the region. This is part of the current projects implemented in King Khaled Hospital to develop its therapeutic services provided to citizens and residents through its specialized sections and centers.


Last Update : 18 December 2017 02:22 PM
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