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Arar Central Hospital: Patient’s Upper Left Limb Saved from Amputation
13 December 2017
A medical team at Arar Central Hospital has successfully treated a patient in his 20s who was injured in a traffic accident. He suffered from severe damage to the upper left limb, ischemia and bleeding. The patient was taken to operating room, as he was diagnosed with severe damage to skin, muscles in the elbow and forearm, with arterial blood circulation interruption and veins bleeding. During a 4-hour exploratory surgery of the brachial artery, the team removed an artery thrombosis, connected ruptured veins, removed dead tissues, cleaned and dressed his wounds.
Then, as part of the second stage, the patient continued his treatment at the plastic surgery department where he had reconstruction surgery to close the wound and reconstruct the tissues completely.  The patient is currently under rehabilitation program. He was discharged from the hospital in good health, thank Allah.

Last Update : 31 December 2017 09:57 AM
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