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Kuwaiti Assistant Minister: Success of Jeddah Conference Reflects Global Interest in Health
10 December 2017
The Kuwaiti Assistant Health Ministry Undersecretary for Technical Affairs Dr. Walid Al-Falah stated that the OIC Health Ministers Conference concluded in Jeddah last Thursday auspiciously adopted «Health in All Polices» as its theme. This reflects the global interest in transition from the legacy health system to the current one designed primarily for health.

Dr. Al-Falah added; "The conference's theme «Health in All Polices» is carefully selected, which reflects the recent international interest in moving from the legacy health system to the health-centered system. Adopted by most countries worldwide, the old system is basically disease-focused, in terms of treatment, rehabilitation and diagnosis."

He further said; "Countries should exert their utmost to maintain health. This is clearly stated in the 2015 UN-adopted sustainable developmental objectives, where the third objective is selected as a roadmap to the new health system. It provides for ensuring health and welfare for all ages and different groups. Health is no longer the sole need, but the quality of life and welfare too. This poses a significant challenge before health systems in OIC Member States. However, we hope that their endeavors will be beneficially productive for all Arab and Islamic peoples. We highly appreciate the interest shown by OIC Member States in this objective."



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