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Eastern Affairs: Developmental Projects in Al-Babtain Cardiological Center
10 December 2017
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, Saud Al-Babtain Cardiological Center -Dammam is currently undergoing developmental projects. New hi-tech appliances have been introduced to the surgery and ICU departments. The first stage of ICU development adds a 10-bed capacity out of 18 cutting-edge beds in all. The new rooms are fully insulated to prevent bacterial infection, with smoke and fireproof self-automated doors. The ICU is also enhanced with an ECMO machine, and the latest vital signs monitoring devices attached to the ceiling without contacting the floor. The Center features two of the largest isolation rooms across the Eastern Affairs. Both can be used as either  positive or negative isolation rooms. Thus, artificial heart and lung (oxygenator) operations can be done. In addition, they include a central control system to operate and monitor all medical devices through fiber-optic technology.

"The second phase of developmental works includes the remaining 8 beds with the same technology and specs. In that vein, another operating room is added; making them 3 in all, which have been upgraded into hi-tech HD and sound-controlled digital operation rooms. In so doing, all patient-related procedures, including caths, radiology and tests are displayed during surgery using the (Voice Order). Also, they are connected to other departments via video conference, to share views on surgeries whenever needed. In 1438H., The Center conducted 386 open-heart surgeries and 3,417 caths.”, added the Eastern Health Affairs.


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