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Asir Health Affairs: Over 3,000 Beneficiaries of Home Medicine Program
10 December 2017
According to Asir Health Affairs, 3,165 patients are covered by the home medicine program, including 1,761 new patients recorded last year. Also, 2,365 medical devices have been provided, including electric beds, electric wheelchairs, oxygen generators, BiPAP and CPAP machines, phlegm suction device, steam inhalers, oximeters, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, electric hoists, air mattresses and regular wheelchairs. Also, an ECMO machine was provided for a patient at home healthcare department of Mahayel Hospital.
In same vein, services were provided to beneficiaries at their homes, including: dressing change, bedsore, diabetic foot dressing, physiotherapy and respiratory treatment services, as well as follow-up of hypertension, diabetes and medical examinations. They also include tube feeding, elderly services, awareness and health education services, in addition to many other services. Also, the department participated in several important events including: consequences of physical and psychological violence against children, vaccination of elderly against influenza at their homes and much more. Such services were delivered by 25 medical teams of the home healthcare departments in Asir.

Last Update : 24 December 2017 08:39 AM
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