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King Khaled Hospital- Najran: Open-Heart Surgery Saves Patient in His 50s
06 December 2017
In a delicate and high-risk surgical intervention, a medical team at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center of King Khaled Hospital- Najran has successfully saved the life of a patient in his 50s suffering from angina pectoris, coronary stenosis and other blood associated diseases.
According to Najran Health Affairs, the patient was brought to the hospital with angina pectoris, and after due coronary catheterization, he was diagnosed with coronary stenosis, as well as other stenosis cases.
Immediately, preparations were made to perform an open-heart surgery to save his life’ and after routine checkups, he was also diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Because such type of blood diseases increases the risk of open heart surgery, a comprehensive treatment plan was developed to avoid clots or red blood cells breakdown before, during or after surgery.
The patient was taken to the operating room to undergo one of the most delicate and critical surgeries. During the surgery, the team has successfully connected the coronary arteries without any complications. Then the patient was transferred to the cardiac ICU for further treatment as per the prescribed treatment plan till his full recovery. He was discharged from the hospital the sixth day after the surgery. After 15 days of his discharge, the patient revisited the specialized clinics of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center where medical examinations showed that his heart is returning to normal gradually, with provision of dietary and health programs to help maintain the vitality and health of the heart. 
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health, in line with its contribution to achieve the target of the National Transformation Program 2020, has launched the initiative of (reforming and restructuring the primary healthcare), as part of 40 initiatives designed to develop and improve the Kingdom's healthcare services and facilities to meet the needs of the community and the expectations of our righteous leader - may Allah protect him.
This new initiative aims to provide advanced outstanding primary healthcare services, to boost satisfaction with this sector's services, and to foster the outpatients' trust in health services. The initiative also seeks to restore confidence in primary healthcare centers, given the growing numbers of outpatients, to ensure accessibility to all beneficiaries to reduce the burden on different health professionals, to boost the preventive measures, and provide facility-based health services, in addition to reducing congestion on emergency departments and outpatient clinics.
MOH has recently launched the new design templates of primary healthcare centers at As-Sulaimaniyah, Al-Wadi, Al-Khaleej, Al-Murabba and Al-Mansourah. All are model centers. Also, all MOH's centers will be rehabilitated with similar templates. New centers will be set up. The news centers will provide all preventive, health and community services, while complying with CBAHI's standards. The services include consultation clinics, primary mental clinics, as well as other services such as immunization, maternity care, family medicine and early detection of chronic diseases. Also, the community will be engaged by creating community council to take part in planning health services. Each center will incorporate a training center for family medicine fellowship with a unified e-record database. The new centers feature a modern architectural style the required safety supplies. It’s noted that the work is currently underway to start the stage of mega centers according to MOH-approved medial facility identity.

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