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MOH: Influenza Vaccine is Safe
23 November 2017
Further to social media reports on stopping seasonal influenza immunization, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reassures all citizens that such reports are not true. "We have received a notification from the Saudi Food & Drug Authority that the influenza Vaccine shipment no. (P4A331V) has failed one of the primary quality conformity tests. The recently received shipment was in the process of distribution over regions. Yet, as a precautionary measure, this particular shipment has been put on hold till final tests are obtained. In fact, all the other 29 shipments distributed over the past four months are safe, and have passed all physiological and quality tests of the Saudi Food & Drug Authority." stresses MOH.

“Also, the above-mentioned shipment has been put oh hold, though it does not have any medical risk, only due to the product physiological non-conformity; as this conformity ensures the maximum effectiveness possible for the vaccine. Notably, the Kingdom is the first country to detect such defect. This is possibly by Allah's Grace through the quality standards adopted by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority to test drugs and vaccines throughout their different stages, including manufacturing, transportation and distribution. The public will be duly updated with all findings on this specific shipment.”, adds MOH. MOH takes this opportunity to reassure the public through its scientific sources that influenza vaccine is the best and most effective immunization from influenza and its severe complications.

Last Update : 28 November 2017 09:58 AM
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