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MOH: An Awareness Video on Checking Hearing, Vision and Teeth among Children
23 November 2017
In an awareness video published on its Twitter's page, the Ministry of Health (MOH) highlighted the importance paying attention to children's dental health and safety, as well as monitoring their health status during their early years, especially since studies have proved that the 6 years old age group represent 96% of dental decay among children in the Kingdom. This alter raised by MOH coincides with the Kingdom’s activation of the Universal Children's Day celebrated on November 20th each year.
The awareness video is part of MOH's participation in "Wa3i" Award. It pointed out that treatment of otitis media at an early stage protects children against delayed speech or total hearing loss, while that leaving single eye visual impairment untreated before the age of seven will have a sustainable impact. According to the video, checking up hearing, vision and teeth, which is the responsibility of all, saves thousands of children from health problems in the future, pointing out the importance of raising community awareness, intensifying family guidance programs and empowering children to secure their rights.
It is noted that the Universal Children's Day is observed across the world. It was adopted by the United Nations (UN) as a day to promote international togetherness, kindliness and understanding among children and urging adults to teach them ethics and good manners.  

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