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King Fahad Hospital - Madinah: Oncology and Hematology Treatment Unit Launched
23 November 2017
The Madinah Health Affairs announced launching a new 21-bed capacity Oncology and Hematology Treatment Unit (OHTU) to treat about 35 patients according to an effective daily bed turnover mechanism. Located in a building opposite the hospital, the new Unit features top qualified medical teams in all specialties, as well as competent nursing cadres in chemotherapy and blood transfusion. The Unit is equipped with cutting-edge hormone, biologic and chemotherapy appliances, in addition to transfusion of blood and blood products without hospitalization.
The new Unit will save patients the burden by providing the needed medical service in the facility just opposite the hospital. Also, the Unit will secure more beneficiaries due to the high bed capacity which ensures more beds for inpatients and day surgeries. The new Unit safeguards each patient's privacy through a particular bed, as well as a reception desk to reduce waiting time while booking appointments.
In the same vein, the Unit occupies a prime location to serve sophisticated general internal medicine patients and to provide quick treatment, including: neurology, thoracic, digestive tract, renal diseases and rheumatism. The Unit operates every day (except Fridays) from 07:30am to 05:00pm.
It is worth noting that King Fahad Hospital - Madinah is the first reference hospital in the region. The 200-bed-capacity hospital features a wide range of specialties, including: neurology, general surgery, gastrointestinal and endoscopy, Nephrology, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, as well as other delicate medical disciplines.

Last Update : 27 November 2017 02:36 PM
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