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MOH: Awareness Infographic on Diabetes Complications
22 November 2017
As part of participation in "Wa3i" Award, the Ministry of Health (MOH has published on its Twitter's page an awareness infographic; warning diabetics against severe diabetes complications, including hypoglycemia, high level of ketone acid, and hyperglycaemia. The infographic also pointed to chronic complications of diabetes, including renal and neurological disorders, ophthalmology, oral and skin problems, urinary tract infections, as well as bone problems, arteriosclerosis and mental disorders.
Also, the infographic warned pregnant women with gestational diabetes against its complications such as hypertension, in addition to the complications that may affect the fetus, including over growth, respiratory distress syndrome, hypoglycemia, jaundice, and death.
In the same vein, MOH published another infographic within "Wa3i" Award urging all diabetics to check blood pressure and weight at each revisit, foot examination every 6 months as well as eye, kidney and cholesterol test every 12 months and HbAIC test from 6-12 months.
In parallel with the World Diabetes Day celebrated on Feb. 14th every year, MOH has recently launched an awareness campaign under the theme: (Don't Wait for Diabetes), to brief target audience on the type 2 diabetes, and how to prevent it by adopting healthy individual and communal lifestyles, based on good knowledge about the importance of healthy food, physical exercise, and awareness of this preventable disease; unlike what most people believe. The campaign also seeks to boost proper understanding of diabetes, to stress the family and community's responsibility towards health awareness programs, to foster a supportive environment for diabetics, and to boost both individual and community's education on the disease, treatment options and health tips; given the increased numbers of diabetics worldwide, especially in the Kingdom.

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