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HbA1c Testing Device Reduces Waiting at Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Hospital- Uray'irah
14 November 2017
The Eastern Health Affairs has introduced HbA1c testing device (accumulated blood glucose monitoring device) at Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Hospital- Uray'irah. The new device has reduced waiting time for results at the regional laboratory in Dammam from two weeks to less than an hour. 
According to the Health Affairs, the introduction of the device has contributed to alleviating the burden on patients who were travelling 140km for blood screening, in addition to reducing waiting time to only one hour to get results and see doctor. This achievement serves the people of Uray'irah, due to the fact that the new device tests the HbA1c for both adults and children, and follows up regularity of blood sugar levels. 
It is noteworthy that the 50-bed-hospital provides its services in a vital area including users of two highways, Dammam – Riyadh road and the other road linking the Gulf States with the north of the Kingdom. The hospital receives traffic accident injuries after it has been equipped with aeromedical evacuation airstrip, in addition to a CT scanner introduced recently to ensure the safety of persons injured in accidents, which enhanced the specialized services provided by the hospital.
In the same vein, during last year - 1438H. - 23,294 outpatients were received at emergency department and 17,158 at outpatient clinics.  

Last Update : 27 November 2017 02:27 PM
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