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Life of a Patient with Traffic Injuries Saved at Buraidah Central Hospital
13 November 2017
A medical team at Buraidah Central Hospital has successfully saved the life of a young man in his 30s and his left arm from amputation. He had a traffic accident that ruptured his blood vessels and arteries. The patient was brought to the hospital, and was in need for immediate surgical intervention to save his life. He had fractures in the forearm, humerus, collarbone and scapula, as well as a rupture in the blood vessels and arteries of the upper left part, accompanied with pneumothorax in the left side of his chest. The doctors operated on him to repair the blood vessels, stabilize the fractures and remove the pneumothorax.
It is noteworthy that the hospital conducted 5,089 surgical operations during last year, 1438H.

Last Update : 19 November 2017 08:50 AM
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