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Tabuk: New Health Services at Healthcare Centers
09 November 2017
According to Tabuk Health Affairs, new health services have been launched at primary healthcare centers across the region to promote the health services’ quality.
“In the first phase, a number of healthcare centers have currently included specialized and consultation clinics in internal medicine, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and dermatology. The Saudi Family Medicine Fellowship Program has been started, and the second phase of Health Promotion Initiative has been implemented. Besides, the mental health service has been provided through 16 healthcare centers, and it will be expanded to other centers. The urgent medical care service has been provided at healthcare centers in such areas with no hospitals, including Bir Ibn Hirmas Healthcare Center and Al-Qalibah Healthcare Center”, stated Tabuk Health Affairs.
The Affairs added that the clinical education and health promotion clinics have been activated at all healthcare centers across the region. Also, the second clinic has been launched in the health sector of Taima Governorate, and the extended service centers have been accredited, including Al-Masef, Al-Khalidiyah, Al- Muthallath, Northern Faisaliah, Shaqri, Al-Freah, and Abu Shajra healthcare centers, in addition to the activation of Empowerment and Community Partnership Program at healthcare centers.
It is worth mentioning that Tabuk features 93 healthcare centers, and is currently working to equip other four centers in Al-Wajh and Umloj governorates. Tabuk Health Affairs has recently replaced 13 rent-controlled healthcare centers with government buildings.

Last Update : 19 November 2017 09:34 AM
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