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MOH: 2nd Batch of Epidemiology Diploma Graduates
07 November 2017
In collaboration with Liverpool University, UK, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has graduated the second batch (21 graduates) of the Epidemiology Diploma. The 4-months program has been organized and implemented by Vectors and Common Diseases General Department of the Public Health Agency in Riyadh. The Diploma features a number of specializations in the basics of epidemiology, computing and data management, principles of biostatistics, as well as writing proposals. It aims to train the health practitioners with epidemiological skills to use this science in their work, to identify the population-related health problems, and to develop their skills on writing project proposals.
Besides, 25 candidates from the different regions, departments, directorates, and programs have been admitted to achieve the optimal benefits. This will positively impact training and capacity building. A number of seats have been allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of National Guard, and the Armed Forces Health Affairs. 21 students have successfully completed the diploma and obtained an occupational certificate of epidemiology, issued by Liverpool College of Tropical Medicine (PGA: 14 excellent, 7 pass).
It is worth mentioning that studying epidemiology is important to identify the types of epidemics and the climate conditions that cause the spread of each type, given that knowledge of epidemiology helps rapid control and effective intervention during epidemic outbreak before it spreads and causes damages.

Last Update : 13 November 2017 09:16 AM
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