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Al-Nu'ayriyah General Hospital: Abdominal Cystectomy for Saudi Lady
06 November 2017
A medical team at Al-Nu’ayriyah General Hospital has successfully resected a 10kg abdominal cyst adjacent to the right ovary of a Saudi woman in her 30s. The patient visited the hospital suffering from abdominal pain, big swelling and constant constipation, weight loss, in addition to sleep and breathing disorders. After due tests and x-rays, she was diagnosed with a huge fluid-filled cyst attached to her right ovary, which required a surgical intervention to explore her abdomen.

According to the Eastern Health Affairs, the exploratory surgery showed a big cyst (weighing 10kg). Immediately, the cyst was resected, cut off all the surrounding adhesions and the ovary, while keeping it intact and effective. The surgery has been successful, and a tube was placed to pull the fluid before the cyst was removed two days after the surgical intervention. By Allah’s Grace, the patient is in a good and stable health.


Last Update : 07 November 2017 09:14 AM
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