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Northern Borders Health Affairs: Medical Referral Center Inaugurated
30 October 2017
 According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, over the past year, 5,827 patients were referred (3,690 inside and 2,137 outside the region), in addition to 56 cases transferred by air evacuation, and 3,725 accepted cases.

On the other side, the Medical Referral Center at the Northern Borders Health Affairs was inaugurated yesterday, after joining the Private Management of Medical Treatment, Medical Board, My Referral (Ehalati), Family and Medical Evacuation into a single entity of Medical Referral Center. Besides, a website has been launched, to enable beneficiaries of the service to submit all their documents to the Medical Board, whether for issuing air tickets or renewing the Board’s decision. After completing the procedures, the beneficiaries will receive SMS with the status of their requests.


Last Update : 31 October 2017 03:29 PM
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