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MOH Signs MoE with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital
30 October 2017
Represented by the Patient Experience Center, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoE) with King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital - Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh. The agreement features collaboration in training, development of leaders, patient experience and expectations specialists, sharing expertise, as well as exchange of training and research experiments in the same field. The agreement also covers collaboration in international recognition as to patient experience. MOH is very keen to develop work and boost performance efficiency to serve patients, as well as engaging community members in finding the right solutions and communicating their views to MOH's decision-makers. This is a key step towards patient experience improvement.

Planning to enhance and develop engagement tools with patients and their families is one of the key missions of the Patient Experience Center. This will allow them to give their feedback on the health services provided. Hence, the Center will be able to prepare and develop patient experience-related policies, processes, as well as tools to address patients' feedback and complaints. This, in turn, will secure satisfaction of patients and their families, and allow further consideration of their complaints raised to the Center, as well as notices referred by regional patient experience centers across the Kingdom, in order to solve them in coordination with all stakeholders, in compliance with the adopted processes.


Last Update : 31 October 2017 08:11 AM
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