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MOH: Saudi Patients Can Have Renal Dialysis While Abroad
22 October 2017
According to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Saudi patients traveling in short holidays can have their dialysis sessions abroad.  This service enhances the healthcare and safety of patients, and stresses the importance of renal dialysis to MOH's beneficiaries abroad. MOH provides this service through its international subcontractors in most states worldwide, within the renal dialysis project. These subcontractors coordinate and arrange providing renal dialysis for Saudi patients abroad as soon as they are informed by the patient of his destination. So far, 63 patients have had 298 sessions in 2017.

It is noted that MOH's Renal Dialysis Project features securing renal blood and peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure patients, both adults and children, where the subcontractor establishes either owned or rented highly equipped renal dialysis centers across all regions and provinces, in addition to the required medical specialists to offer optimal services based on top quality standards.


Last Update : 22 October 2017 02:42 PM
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