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"Continue with Your Heroics" Proceeds & Heroic Ladies Awarded Medals
16 October 2017
As part of the ongoing national campaign for early screening of breast cancer implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the theme "Continue with Your Heroics", mammography screening appliances are available at several MOH's hospitals.
According to MOH, breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer worldwide, second to lung cancer. It is also the most common among Saudi women of 40s age above (nearly 25% of Saudi ladies). 55% of breast cancer cases  are screened at later stages, reducing the chances of recovery. In this regard, mammography screening helps detect tumors unfelt or undetected either by the lady herself or her doctor in 1-3 years.
Also, breast mammography screening features two big-size images. The ideal screening age is 40 years old and above. Early screening reduces breast cancer mortality rates, and has its safe and key positive impact due to the very low radiation dose received. Mammography screening contributes to 95% early treatment of breast cancer.
Likewise, stopping contraceptive pills for longer periods, coupled with mammography screening between 30-40 years of age in case of breast cancer history, periodical screening - every two years as from 40 years of age on, avoiding hormone therapy after menopause, 30-minute daily exercises, having healthy food which is rich in vegetables and fruits, as well as controlling obesity reduce breast cancer potentials.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) shares the international community' concern by awareness activities on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017. MOH has launched "Continue with Your Heroics" campaign" across the Kingdom, including various awareness activities and events through social media and trade centers. Women has been encouraged to have early screening by awarding them medals in recognition of their efforts. The campaign is run under the theme #continue_with_your_heroics, to appreciate the heroic deeds of all ladies, be they mothers, wives, daughters or grandmothers. The campaign also seeks to motivate them to continue with their heroics by having early breast cancer mammography screening.
The campaign covers various aspects, including: awareness on breast cancer, its dangers, prevention, the importance of early diagnosis, detailed presentation on mammograph and its operation, as well as detailed explanation of early screening and its conditions. The campaign lasts till end of October 2017 across the Kingdom.

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