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MOH: Some Products Not to be Sold in School Canteens
11 October 2017
The Ministry of Health (MOH) stressed some products are banned in school canteens (soft drinks, energy drinks, chips, chocolate and candies). Through an awareness infographic published on its Twitter page, MOH pointed out that these items are banned due to their harm our students’ health. This step was taken in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE).
MOH called upon everyone to cooperate, by calling 937-service center, to report the non-compliant canteens. Thus, MOH’s call has received a significant interaction, as the center has received 767 notices since the beginning of the current school year.
This step comes as part of MOH's efforts, in collaboration with MOE, to activate school health tasks to maintain the health and safety of school students, and to enhance the concept of healthy food. Such awareness-raising activities come in continuation of MOH’s efforts to maintain the health and safety of all members of society, to promote health awareness, and to enhance healthy behaviors and healthy eating habits.

Last Update : 15 October 2017 02:09 PM
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