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King Abdullah Medical City - Makkah: Skull Base Meningioma Successfully Excised
11 October 2017
BY Allah's Grace, a team of specialists at King Abdullah Medical City - Makkah has successfully excised a 567cm skull base meningioma connected to the skull base, optic nerve and the brain's major arteries, and pressing on brain stem. The patient endured partial facial symptoms, growing blurred vision, asthenia on the left side of the body, upper and lower limbs, difficulty to walk and stand, enuresis, as well as to intermittent bouts of blindness.
Immediately, due tests and diagnostics were done. MRI showed a big skull base meningioma. connected to brain's major arteries, optic nerve, and badly pressing on brain tissue, in addition to a hernial pressure on the brain stem.
By Allah's Grace, the tumor was fully removed in record time using the latest laparoscopic technology with the surgical navigation system. Both the major arteries and optic nerve were released from the tumor. MRI and clinical checkups showed full tumor excision, and disappearance of all related symptoms. Thank Allah the patient is in good health.
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